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Key to Wellness: An Organic Garden Challenge! - Personalized RI Nursing Services

Key to Wellness: An Organic Garden Challenge!

March 3, 2020

Hello all.  I truly hope all is well with you today. For me, I am very much looking forward to Spring!  In psychology, there is a syndrome called Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is described as someone who, in the winter months, becomes depressed from a combination of seasonal environmental factors; such as a lack of Vitamin…

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Woman Warrior Holly Bellantoni Private Nurse Services Rhode Island

The Woman Warrior Challenge

March 3, 2020

Hi there Ladies!  Have you ever been in the middle of your day:  Either in the car driving your kids around with them yelling and mad traffic, or at your desk multitasking with 3 colleagues and 2 phone calls at once, or in the kitchen making dinner while the dog is chasing the cat around…

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Holly Bellantoni - Personalized Nursing Services Rhode Island

My Story

March 1, 2020

Hi.  My name is Holly.  I’ve been an RN for over 23 years, working throughout MA & RI.  A born and bred Rhode Islander, I graduated from Rhode Island College in 1996 as a double-major, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing & Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  I started my career on the Coronary…

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